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19/07/2021. To limit the spread of COVID-19, the NSW Government has increased restrictions within the Greater Sydney area. This means that all site inspections and in person meetings will be paused until July 30, 2021, in line with Government requirements. BFCS P/L will continue working remotely and our team is available, as necessary, to complete all activities that aren't based on-site. We will continue to monitor and comply with the NSW Government’s requirements to keep our team safe. If you would like to discuss the implications of these changes, please contact us!

18/06/2021. the 2021 Australian Bushfire Building Conference draft program has been announced. It looks like being another great conference!

12/05/2021. A very interesting project is underway between the Bushfire Building Council of Australia and the community members of Shoalhaven to develop the bushfire resilient FORTIS House. Check it out!

27/04/2021. Many people ask us how to rectify the incorrect use of timbers in bushfire prone areas. In some circumstances, these may be able to be treated with Fireshell F1E, available from Exfire. Unfortunately it can't be used on trafficable surfaces, such as the decking timbers.

22/04/2021. Why not plan for your Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) before you build? Did you know that the BAL can impact your building costs, and even prevent some type of developments form occuring?

21/04/2021. We havd booked an Exhibitors stand at the Association of Australian Certifiers Conference to be held on 28 May 2021. If you are attending, make sure you say hi! 

31/03/2021. Today marks the official end to the quietest fire season in more than a decade, a stark contrast to the devastating 2019/20 season.

19/03/2021. We wish our staff member Adrian all the very best on his upcoming wedding, and will be ready to welcome him back to work on 19 April after his amazing honeymoon!

10/03/2021. We are often asked to recommend skylights for use in Bushfire Attack Level Flame Zone. Unfortuntaely there are none in the market place at this time.

8/03/2021. International Women's Day. We celebrate it here at Bushfire Consulting Services where our workforce is predominantly female!

1/03/2021. Well it's March already, another year already well commenced! It's a good time to think about your Bush Fire Survival Plan!

26/02/2021. If you are looking for a Landscape professional who understands bushfire protection, try Angela Maroney

25/02/2021. We are often asked which trees have fire resisting properties. We came across this article and hope you get some great ideas from here

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